Failure to download

I forgot to download last week’s Review Show using iPlayer’s new 30-day download function; I was particularly cross with myself because the guests included current crush, the art historian Dr James Fox.

JF seemed much happier than he was the last time he was on the Review Show, when he irritated Paul Morley and Kirsty Wark with his honest critique of Tracey Emin’s exhibition in Margate (see the YouTube clip below), and also made a few pertinent comments about Paul Morley’s fellow well-heeled ex-punks.

Paul Morley has always struck me as a complete tosser (and I’m 46 and culturally literate, so I’ve had plenty of exposure to his career-defining tossiness), but I wish JF – who strikes me as a very nice bloke – hadn’t had to be the one to call him on it.  He was confident enough in expressing his opinions, but looked a bit uncomfortable.

This time, however, JF seemed much more relaxed. The panel discussed the new exhibition on death at the Wellcome Institute (one of my favourite museums), the film The Master, Ian Rankin’s latest Rebus novel, and an animated TV series about a dysfunctional family (cf. Family Guy).  The writer – sorry, I don’t know his name – was pretty funny, and it all went off well.

James Fox perched on a Review Show sofa, 16 November 2012

Once more, JF was wearing the neat dark brown jacket, dark indigo jeans and tan brogues that he wore throughout the History of Art in Three Colours, as well as on the last Review Show; this time, instead of a blue shirt and no tie, he wore a white shirt and a startling leaf green tie.  He smiled, he laughed, he found something interesting to look at on one of the monitors (or perhaps something was going on offscreen that had caught his attention) and although his body language was a little tense, he seemed to be enjoying the experience.

But I forgot to download it, and they don’t repeat the Review Show. The agony of regret!

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