Gruesome Coconut

I suffered a strange glitch last week when my avatar suddenly dropped below ground level so that only its head was visible. It didn’t matter whether I was standing on the third floor of a building, or on the bottom of the seabed – I could pan down and see my legs standing normally, but to everyone else I was just a gruesome coconut lying in the grass. It took a while before I found out how to fix it, although I still don’t know what caused it. I took off all my body parts, attachments and clothes, then added them back one by one. It turned out the problem lay with my body shape. I swapped it for an older version and deleted the newer one, then modded the older version to look like the newer one, and since then, I’ve had no problems.

A few days later, I had exactly the same problem with my alt av, Pixel Engineer, and the solution was the same. On both occasions I had modded my body shape: I had made Mak taller, although I don’t recall having made Pixel taller. If any gridheads can enlighten me about what caused it, that would be awesome.

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